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As a monkey fanatic, I approve this animation!

SupakMeraklja responds:

Monkeys are the best

Awesome work to everyone involved!

excellent job

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Very simple, but fun and addictive game. Awesome job! The music itself is very catchy lol.


pretty cool concept

I like this game alot. It's simple and addictive. Very creative game at that.


pretty cool idea

pretty cool game. I like it. Unique storyline, too.

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i absolutely love the thickness of your guitar tone. I need to work on my tone game

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude!! I swear to god I learned this too late but for me it's about giving the bassline space. If I mute the bass and the guitar tone is the exact same there's a problem lol.

soo couple things:

1. I really like the unique-ness of your voice on this one. It's raw, but it feels like it just fits so perfectly.
2. I love the weird, poppy, rock mix and how it goes in and out of different genres pretty seamlessly. A couple spots seem a little forced, but nothing too drastic or worth complaining about as a casual listener.
3. Sooo I'm moving next month, and have an awesome collab in the works with @Burn7 who I've been a fan of for years (so excited for it), but when I'm settled in at the new house, we gotta hop into a project again! I loved working with you!

ADR3-N responds:

1. Ty! Some of that is a little bit of distortion on top of vocal AIs I made of myself. The rest is me screaming 3in from the mic xD
2. Double ty! I really think we went balls to the wall crazy. It was never really supposed to be overly serious or sacred, just new and unique. I'm glad it seems to be in a good way!
3. Absolutely dude! I absolutely love your harsh vocals. Would be freaking sick to work together again!

Hell yea dude! I would absolutely love to do a collab with you at some point if you're ever down. Even if it's just you letting me scream over one of your tracks haha. Killer as always

Burn7 responds:

Shit yeah! I'm always down to collab and it'd be an honor! Whenever you're feeling up for it just hit me up!

And thanks for the review!

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This brings me back to my MTG playing days. Love the simplistic, yet creatively driven artwork and color scheme here. Really well done, I can definitely see this on a WoTC card ;)

JimmyNijs responds:

Thank you so very much!

It's my dream to one day be featured on a Magic The Gathering card. I think that'll be the moment I'll truly begin thinking of myself as a genuine artist. 🥰😂

This is awesome 😍

i might be biased because I love dogs, but it's adorable. Also for album art, I've always had good luck with Fiverr. That's where I got my album art for 'As A Phoenix We Rise' and I couldn't be happier with it. In case all else fails. Looking forward to the releases!

ADR3-N responds:

Who doesn't love dogs, right? I managed to get ahold of a couple peeps over at the art forum so I'm excited to see what comes up. I'll show you when I get time!

New release is out on YT, gonna make an announcement and chill. Also I just realized I listened to your demos and lost the note file I wrote shutting down my computer. Gonna send those to you soon!

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